I'm a creative web designer which is how I stumbled into wedding photography in the first place. A few years ago, one of my clients in the wedding industry asked me to take photos of her flowers and bouquets for her website and that's where it all began.

Photography is something I wish I fell in love with earlier in life. I was always jealous of people who had that passion for their work. And now, I totally get it. I love taking pictures, freezing moments in time and I also enjoy creating them.

I'm Joeal Manimtim and I take pictures of everything. But what I enjoy most is capturing emotion and joy in people. Documenting these moments gives me a satisfaction I can't explain. Weddings are full of emotion, beauty and togetherness. This is what makes my job so creatively satisfying. 

What I learned most in life is to do what you love. Do what you enjoy most and for me, it's taking pictures. So if you and I are lucky enough to work together, please know that I will do everything I can to document your day as best as I can.


Some kind words from lovely people...

Thank you so much Joeal for spending an entire day with our family. Thank you for your patience, I know we can be a handful. The best about you was how well you got along with everyone. I love all the pictures especially the candid ones.

With love, 

Susy & Abe.