It's very important that I photograph your event or wedding day as naturally as I can. I try and capture everything as it is, focusing on mood and emotions, not technical perfection. These candid images are the ones most people cherish because it brings you back to that exact moment.

I understand that portraits are also important so I usually ask 20-30 minutes to capture some creative photos. Nothing too posey but you'll be glad we took the time. I don't spend much time with group photos unless asked to do so because my focus is mainly documentary and reportage.

I don't worry much about time management as weddings don't usually keep to a schedule. Instead I leave you with your friends & family to relax and enjoy the day. Let me worry about capturing those special moments.

The photographer is an integral part of a wedding and it's impossible to be invisible. I'm usually up close with you and your guests to capture those moments but rest assured, I will do so with utmost care and respect. That is my promise to you. I also use smaller, less intrusive camera gear and don't use flash unless required.

Please note: I shoot mostly reportage or documentary style and I prefer to shoot smaller weddings.